A med spa will offer a number of different services that all aim to help improve you. Facial services are very popular and often many clients will ask if it is possible to combine different procedures. One of the most frequently asked for combos is the dermaplaning and chemical peel. Many people ask if it is possible to combine these two procedures and if they can expect a better outcome. Open Door Med Spa would like to help answer this question and share how you can have smoother, healthier and more radiant skin.

Benefits of Skin Rejuvenation

Our skin is in a constant cycle of growing and shedding. Over time the outer layer of our skin cells die, where they will eventually fall off. You may notice when your skin is dying or is dead, the skin loses its glow and smoother texture. You can help aid the shedding process in a few different ways. Dermaplaning, chemical peel and exfoliation procedures help to remove the dead skin and promote the growth and development of new skin cells which is why the skin looks smoother and more radiant. However, what if you combine the different types of facial treatments? What would be the outcome and is it possible? Before we answer this question we would like to go into more detail and share what is dermaplaning and what are chemical peels.

Is Dermaplaning Good for Skin?

Dermaplaning is a procedure that is non-invasive and involves the use of a blade that gently grazes the top of the skin. The blade helps to remove loose dead skin cells as well as rough or uneven dry skin. Dermaplaning helps to smooth the surface of the skin and improve the face’s texture. Dermaplaning is completely safe and can be done as often as twice per month. Dermaplaning not only removes dead skin cells and smooths the surface of the skin, but dermaplaning also removes facial hair such as vellus hairs better known as “peach fuzz”.

What is a Chemical Peel Best For?

A chemical peel is a procedure that involves applying an acidic solution over the surface of the skin. The solution is left on for a few minutes and is shortly removes and the solution neutralized. The chemical peel procedure is designed to improve the appearance of the skin and is often used to treat fine lines, sun damage, acne scars, age spots and hyperpigmentation. During the procedure there will be a slight tingling sensation. Once the chemical peel has been removed the dead skin will begin to flake off allowing the new skin to come through.

Benefits of Dermaplaning & Chemical Peel Together

Can you get a dermaplaning procedure followed by a chemical peel? Yes. They do often work well together. Where the dermaplaning removes the upper layer of skin and hair, the chemical peel can then work better to cleanse the deeper layers of the skin. Usually when combining the two procedure the chemical peel doesn’t need to be left on as long as the dermaplaning helps remove the upper layer of dead skin. The result of the chemicals are slightly better. However, you do not need both procedures for great results. Often combining the two are recommended for more severe cases.

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