What are the Effects of Dermaplaning in Fort Worth, TX? Brighter Skin, Better Skincare Product Absorption & More

A physical exfoliation procedure, known as dermaplaning is done with a required use of a sterile, surgical scalpel where the top layer of skin is gently shaved from the surface. The process removes the fine, vellus hair, which is commonly referred to as peach fuzz, in addition to removing the top-most later of dead skin.…

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Which Treatment is Best for Hyperpigmentation & Melasma in Lancaster, TX? Chemical Peels or Laser?

Especially among women, melasma is a persistent skin condition that can occur at all stages of your life. Melasma often causes major emotional distress for the 6 million American women who develop dark, grayish-brown blotches on their faces though it is not painful, and it doesn’t pose a health risk. Melasma isn’t always easy to…

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What are the Pros of Laser Hair Removal in Burleson, TX? Works Quickly, Painless, No Ingrown Hairs & More

There are certain areas of your body that you likely don’t want any hair growth. This can leave you either shaving, waxing or finding another way to get rid of this unwanted hair. One way that many people are finding can be incredibly beneficial is laser hair removal. There are several benefits that come with…

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