Toxbooster treatment 

Any of the VI peels we offer and $10 a unit Botox or Xeomin same day treatment

The VI Peel is done first then the injectables follow allowing for the topical benefits of the peel and the muscle relaxation of the Neuro toxin to work in combination with eachother treating all concerns at once. (see attached photos below)




IPeeL Treatment

The VI Precision Plus Peel in combination with an IPL/ Photofacial

The IPL is done first which allows the laser to pull the pigment far below up to the surface followed by the Precision Plus Peel which also pulls pigment but also inhibits pigment as well as sloughing off the dead/dull layer of skin alowing the skins natural glow to return.



New Cellenis DermaGel Injectable

This New technique comprises the typical withdrawal of the patients own blood and processing it by centrifuge to isolate the platelet rich plasma for use. The target plasma itself separates into platelet rich and platelet poor plasma. Ordinarily the poor plasma is discarded once the platelet rich plasma is drawn off for use. In the present procedure, the poor plasma is gently heated, transforming it from a liquid to a gel. The plasma gel is allowed to cool and is then re-mixed with the platelet rich plasma to form an injectable gel PRP, one that both volumizes and retains the rejuvenating benefits of PRP. The procedure typically takes about two hours and will involve topical anesthetic.



New DeRive Hair Restoration Treatment

DeRive is a patented, biomimetic plant-based serum specifically formulated for hair and scalp health. DeRive has been shown to reduce inflammation and increase hydration and blood flow to the scalp. The serum also aids in the removal of dead cells from around the follicle revitalizing the scalp, helping nourish the scalp and hair follicles and enhancing the appearance of fuller, healthier hair. This treatment is in combination with microneedling the product further into the scalp along with a home serum for daily use.



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