Open Door Med Spa includes Xeomin treatments that serve as a cosmetic remedy for addressing fine lines and wrinkles, often earning the moniker “the new Botox” due to its analogous mechanism of action. Approved by the FDA for treating forehead frown/scowl lines in the glabellar region, Xeomin is also frequently used in various other facial and neck regions.  With Open Door Med Spa providing Xeomin treatment, you can have the confidence is will be administered safely and efficiently. 

Combat Crow’s Feet. Xeomin is effective in treating crow’s feet, effectively addressing facial wrinkles and lines, including those around the eyes, much like Botox.

The onset of Xeomin’s effects occurs relatively swiftly, according to various studies. Most individuals begin observing changes within 1-3 days, with the full impact manifesting between 7-10 days. Comparable to Botox, Xeomin’s outcomes typically persist for an average of 3 months.

Xeomin & Botox Comparison.   Comparing Xeomin to Botox, the primary distinction lies in Xeomin’s purer neurotoxin composition. It lacks preservatives and the protein complex found in Botox. Apart from these variations, they exhibit similar characteristics and duration of action.  Xeomin stands as a valuable alternative to Botox, particularly for individuals who do not respond to Botox treatment. Some individuals contend that Xeomin offers a more rapid onset and prolonged effectiveness.

Longevity. In terms of longevity, Xeomin and Botox share similar durations of action, as asserted by many practitioners. Recent studies even indicate that Xeomin might outlast Botox by several weeks, potentially extending the time between visits to your injector.  For those resistant to Botox, Xeomin can be a viable solution. Unlike Botox, Xeomin lacks the protein complex that elicits an immune response, rendering it resistant-free. Xeomin’s effects typically last 3-4 months, allowing for 3 to 4 treatments per year.

Basics of Xeomin.  Xeomin’s constituents comprise lyophilized powder containing botulinum toxin A, human albumin, and sucrose, without any preservatives.  Most individuals experience minimal discomfort during Xeomin injections, given the use of fine needles for injection. If you have any pain concerns, it is advisable to communicate them to your injector.

When administered proficiently by Open Door Med Spa experts, Xeomin treatments remain inconspicuous to the majority of observers. They may notice an improved appearance or a youthful look without pinpointing the specific changes.

Xeomin’s duration of effect varies among individuals and injection sites, averaging around 3 months. Areas with pronounced movement, like around the eyes and mouth, might exhibit shorter durations, while less mobile regions such as the forehead could retain the effects for 3-4 months. Consistency in injections can prolong the results by progressively weakening the targeted muscles.

A “frozen face” refers to a rare condition in which excessive injections result in an inability to make normal facial expressions. This phenomenon, often depicted in media, typically results from a combination of plastic surgery, excessive dermal fillers, and neurotoxin injections.

Post Treatment Care. Following Xeomin treatment, it is advisable to avoid lying down for approximately 4 hours to mitigate the theoretical risk of product migration. Patients are also instructed to refrain from rubbing or massaging the treated area.

Xeomin’s cosmetic usage in healthy individuals typically yields mild side effects such as pain at the injection site, redness, and bruising. Moderate side effects, like swelling, asymmetry, heavy or drooping brows, or a droopy eyelid, are rare but conceivable. These side effects are not permanent and diminish as the medication wears off.

Xeomin, akin to Botox, operates by smoothing facial wrinkles and lines, offering a purified formulation that can produce quicker results while maintaining a natural appearance.

Candidates.  Suitable candidates for Xeomin generally include those seeking facial rejuvenation and wrinkle softening, provided they are in good health, not pregnant, and lack allergies to other botulinum toxin products or albumin. Xeomin serves as an ideal choice for individuals preferring a more purified botulinum toxin.

Call Open Door Med Spa today for a consultation if you are interested in Xeomin.  From there, we can answer any of your questions, address your concerns, and discuss your personal goals.

Xeomin VS Botox

While these share many similarities, there are just as many differences, meaning these injectables are not interchangeable. Open Door Med Spa outlines the main differences below:


  • Xeomin is formulated to be purely botulinum Type A. This formulation reduces the chances of allergies. Botox contains other proteins that can cause allergies.
  • The lack of additives means you are less likely to develop antibodies against Xeomin, which would otherwise reduce its effectiveness. This can happen with Botox.
  • A lack of additives means that Xeomin may not need to be refrigerated, which can extend its shelf life.
  • Xeomin is primarily used for minor to moderate wrinkles in the forehead and near the eyebrows and eyes. Botox will work here as well.
  • Because of the formulations, your med spa may use less of one injectable versus the other. This may not change the overall price of your treatment but can change the amount used.


Please note: Both Xeomin and Botox have noticeable advantages and it is not an issue of one being better than the other. It comes down to what problem areas have the most wrinkles, your past experience with injectables, and the experience of your doctor. Open Door Med Spa has seen amazing results using each injectable and, in some cases, a combination of the two. We pride ourselves in choosing the best injectable for our patients considering all the factors!