With the required use of a sterile surgical scalpel, the top layer of skin is gently shaved from the surface. This procedure is a physical exfoliation procedure, known as dermaplaning. In addition to removing the top most later of dead skin, the process removes the fine, vellus hair, which is commonly referred to as peach fuzz. This procedure requires ongoing maintenance of once a month or so to optimize results, it has no downtime post-treatment and it only takes about 30 minutes. Though dermaplaning is only meant to be done on the face, it is not designed to shape eyebrows, which are made up of terminal hairs, not vellus hairs as well the nose area should also be avoided. This treatment is performed, depending on the state regulations, by estheticians, nurses or doctors. For those interested in dermaplaning in Mansfield, Texas, we at Open Door Med Spa would like to share the benefits of this procedure.

Dermaplaning Advantages

Since the physical exfoliation triggers the cell regeneration process, skin care products can better penetrate the skin. Dermaplaning is an excellent solution to get rid of this nuisance that has a tendency to accumulate oil and dirt for people who are annoyed by having an abundance of fine vellus hairs. Contrary to myth, vellus hairs, as opposed to terminal hair, will not grow back thicker or darker. For the dermaplaning procedure those with excessive facial hair are not a candidate, however. The result of the removal of dead cells and fine hairs is smoother skin that is healthier and brighter looking.

Who is a Good Candidate for Dermplaning?

Dermaplaning is especially effective as it contributes to minimizing superficial acne scarring or uneven skin tone for people that have dry or rough skin texture. Though those who have a tendency to have a buildup of dead cell is also a good candidate, the cellular turnover slows down with age, mature skin. Dermaplaning is safe for pregnant or lactating clients, unlike chemical peels.

Dermaplaning Regret

This procedure should be avoided by patients that have thick, dark facial hair as well as those prone to having oily skin or active acne. Causing it to be sensitive or sore, dermaplaning procedures can leas to skin irritation is prone to acne and cause it to be sensitive or sore. Unfortunately, when clients with excessive facial hair try this procedure, “razor rashes”, spots under the skin and ingrown hair, in addition to noticeable stubble is obvious.

Dermaplaning is a Safe Treatment Option

Depending on the state guidelines, a specific technique requiring a delicate touch and a skilled approach to resurface skin are who performs dermaplaning, and it takes licensing and certification. Unlike shaving that the average razor has 2 blades duller than surgical blades, dermaplaning is performed freehand with a surgical scalpel, since many people compare it to shaving. Dictated on the facial region are required for the methodology approach, short strokes at specific angles in particular patterns.

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