There is often talk of the many benefits that can come from eating a balanced diet. This has many health benefits that keep the inside of your body healthy. What about the outside though? Your skin is an organ that many people forget about when it comes to their diet. Eating a balanced diet can have a large impact on the overall health of your skin. Open Door Med Spa is here to talk about some of the things you should incorporate into your diet to help promote healthy skin.

Is Tuna, Seafood & Fish Good for Acne?

It’s no secret that fish and seafood are foods that you should be eating to maintain a well-balanced diet. They have high amounts of selenium and CoQ10 that help your skin look its best. Selenium works to protect your body against cell and tissue damage that is caused by oxidative stress. CoQ10 has been proven to generate energy in cells and soften the signs of aging. Fish is a very good source of omega-3 and 6-fatty acids which makes it excellent for an acne prone skin as these acids reduce skin inflammation.

Vegetables for Skin Glow

Of course, no balanced diet would leave out vegetables. There are many reasons you should be eating veggies in your diet, but you may not realize that many of them can make a difference in the health of your skin. Veggies like carrots, brussels sprouts, kale and cabbage have vitamins A and C which work to clear up any brown spots on your skin as well as regulate the production of collagen and elastin. Both of which are important in keeping your skin looking younger for longer.

Nuts & Fruit for Skin Repair

Nuts are an excellent source of protein and help you stay fuller longer. They are also chock full of healthy fats. Did you know that nuts also carry vitamin E which works to heal your skin when you have had any issues like acne or other injuries? A nut that you should especially be aware of are walnuts. They are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that keep your skin young and smooth. Some fruits like berries and citrus fruits also promote a radiant complexion and glowing skin as well. Berries have antioxidants that help to keep wrinkles away and help you avoid dry skin as well.

Drink Water for Clear Skin

Water is a big one. Your skin needs your body to be hydrated if it’s going to be healthy. Water plays a big role in the elasticity of your skin. In fact, your skin contains 64% water. Drinking enough water helps to rid your skin of toxins, improves circulation, prevents wrinkles and helps your body’s digestive system out as well.

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Part of having healthy skin also includes a skin care regimen. If you don’t know what you need to be doing for your skin, you can count on the professionals at Open Door Med Spa to help you care for and maintain your skin with our comprehensive skin rejuvenation services. When you leave your skin in our hands, you will be blown away by the beautiful skin you are left with. Call us today!