For those who are scheduled or are planning to get a chemical peel, you are most likely aware that there will be a recovery period. Chemical peels help to create healthier, smoother, and more beautiful skin by applying a chemical directly to the surface of the skin. This chemical is designed to remove the upper layer of skin which is often damaged or dead skin cells. Once the upper layer of skin is removed, a new healthier layer of skin takes its place. However, as the chemical peel removes the upper layer of skin, your newer skin will take time to develop. This is where the recovery process comes in. While the dead skin is coming off and the new skin is generating, you will need to take steps to aid this recovery process. Open Door Med Spa would like to share how you can recover from a chemical peel faster and have longer lasting results.

Take Ibuprofen or Other Anti-Inflammatory After a Chemical Peel

After a chemical peel, the med spa will often prescribe you medication that will help with the pain and reduce the swelling. Some people will forget or choose not to take the medication. Even if you are not in pain, you will recover faster by reducing the swelling. If you want to recover faster, do not neglect your medication and topical.

Can I Go Out in the Sun After a Chemical Peel?

During those first few days it is best to stay indoors and avoid the sun. For the next week or two when you do go outside, wear sun screen even if you are only going outside for a short period of time. Because the chemical peel removed that top layer of skin, the newly developed skin can be easily damaged by the sun. Not only will you harm your newly developed skin cells, but the results of the chemical peel are also now compromised. The skin will also feel more irritated going out into the sun. If you plan to go outside, be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat that covers most of your face.

Can You Get an Infection from a Chemical Peel?

Right after a chemical peel your skin’s defenses are down until the new skin cells develop. For the next few days you will want to protect your skin and use an antibacterial lotion. Often after a chemical peel the med spa will give you an antibacterial lotion as well as a prescription. This topical is most important to protect and prevent a bacterial infection from developing. To ensure a faster recovery and to prevent a bacterial infection, make sure to us an antibacterial lotion on your skin. If you did not get one from your med spa, than make sure to get one for yourself.

Can I Use a Scrub After a Chemical Peel?

Right after a chemical peel, your skin will have a similar sensation as a sunburn. This is because the upper layer has been removed. You may feel tempted to use a cold damp cloth on your skin. Where you can lay a cool damp cloth over your skin, you do not want to rub or scrub your skin. The skin is very sensitive at this early stage of recovery. You can easily cause skin damage and even scarring.

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There are a lot of ways you can ensure lasting results of your chemical peel and recover faster. Follow these basic steps and you will find your recovery is faster and your skin will look amazing. For chemical peels and more, contact Open Door Med Spa today.