Some people naturally have full cheeks, smooth skin and plump lips while others get a little help. Dermal fillers are easy to get, last a long time and are designed for subtlety. Best of all—they are perfectly safe, if you do your homework and get the right person to do it. First things first: Dermal fillers are not the same as Botox. Botox uses a neurotoxin that “freezes” muscles to reduce wrinkles, fillers smooth out skin by filling wrinkles.

Injectable Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Today’s fillers use hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in skin and is great at storing moisture that is responsible for giving skin a plump, hydrated look. It can be used topically to moisturize, but it can’t restore lost volume. The only way you can restore lost volume is by injecting it. After it is injected, it can add to the natural plumping action, or help you body replenish its natural production of hyaluronic acid, that will diminish as you age.

Dermal Filler Injections Can Last for Months

Fillers that are hyaluronic acid-based can add volume and decrease wrinkles with just one injection. The results can last for three months to two years. The timeframe will depend on what product is being used and where it’s injected. There is some evidence that suggest HA fillers can stimulate collagen production that can help skin look fresher in the long run.

Natural Looking Lip Fillers

When you notice someone with duck lips you can be sure that a filler has been used. Having the right filler and the right injection will produce natural results. The changes made are so subtle that no one will notice. You want to have someone say they never knew your eyes were so blue, not did you have work done! Fillers injected a decade ago were often used to literally fill lines. Today, they are used to plump and lift other parts of the face for more natural-looking results. Different particle sizes in fillers will produce different results. Some have larger particles that can “rebuild” thinned cheekbones, smaller particles can be used to treat fine lines and to plump lips. The great thing about fillers is that they can be adjusted if you don’t like the way to looks. You may have more filler injected to balance the area out or it can be dissolved-

Fillers Can be Used as Prevention

Fillers are used to treat lines you already have, but they can also be used for prevention. People are starting treatments younger than before. It will depend on the patient but starting younger has benefits because prevention is always better than correction. However, it’s still a great idea to wear sunscreen and use retinols to prevent the early signs of aging.

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Be skeptical of cheap fillers as the price is probably too good to be true. Injection is an art, so you want to find an artist who knows what they’re doing. Have realistic results in mind and trust the professionals at Open Door Med Spa. Call us today to make an appointment!