Everyone wants to achieve or maintain a healthy, natural glow and skin tone. Everyday the skin is exposed to pollution, UV rays, and other elements. These contributors can cause skin blemishes that most would rather be without. To help you protect your face from the unwanted blemishes, we at Open Door Med Spa would like to offer some tips for a healthy complexion.

Cleanse, Exfoliate & Moisturize

Daily steps include cleansing and moisturizing while twice a week is ideal for exfoliation. Overdoing exfoliation treatments can cause damage your skin and make it more prone to sensitivity. With focus on face, feet and hand, exfoliate your whole-body skin manually avoid using electric devices. With exfoliating particles in it, you can use a quality face wash with. Adding one teaspoon of ground almonds/oatmeal to your regular cleanser is an ideal way to make your own exfoliator. Your naturally normal skin tone will be back soon as it will help you to lighten the skin and as the dead cells takes off.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Always protect yourself from sun and do not go out unnecessarily. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause discoloration and facial skin darkening. Use sunblock with minimum SPF of 30 and wear a large yet stylish hat. Specifically, in the summer, SPF 15 is mild and also good but may not defend you against UVA and UVB sun rays. Additionally, dehydration can have harmful effects on your skin, drink a lot of water. For everything to every person, summer is officially the season of dryness.

Remove Sun Tan from Face

Every weekend, it is good to remove tanned skin to help brighten you original, natural skin tone. You need a cleanser, scrub, tan removing face pack, toner and lotion/moisturizer to do it yourself. A professional treatment can do wonders for your skin and do it safely. Regularly apply a thin paste of sandalwood and rose water every night on my face for about 15 minutes for quick removal.

Diet for Glowing Skin

By avoiding energy drinks and cokes, you can improve your eating behavior. Excessive sugar intake and fast food doesn’t help. Both inside and outside can help you healthy and radiant is to regularly eat fresh fruits, green vegetables. For overall human health, random eating intervals can break down your metabolism that not good.

Use Natural Treatments & Ensure Routine Sleep

You need routine sleeping habits because poor sleeping habits can have drastic effects on your health and beauty.
– Slather with Aloe Vera all over your skin, after it is dry, rinse.
– Using a raw potato, rub your skin.
– With lemon juice, rinse the skin.
– Both in morning and night too, bathe regularly.
– Apply a paste of turmeric and olive oil paste, let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing.

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