Many people struggle with a problem known as a ‘double chin.’ This access skin or fat below the chin can leave you feeling less confident that you would it you didn’t have this problem. Unfortunately, it can be a problem that is hard to get rid of on your own, and is often linked to weight gain but not always. Open Door Med Spa is here to share some tips to help you combat a double chin and hopefully give you a solution to the problem.

Double Chin Exercises

There are a few exercises out there that will target a double chin and help you to sculpt that area of your profile. Following are a few of them.
– Ball Double Chin Exercises: You can use a 9-10 inch ball under your chin to help get rid of a double chin. Use your chin to hold the ball in place and press your chin down. This needs to be done about 25 times per day.
– Tongue Stretch: When you stick out your tongue as far as you can while looking up at the ceiling and reach your tongue up to your nose it can target those muscles. You should hole this for 10 seconds before releasing and do it several times per day.
– Jaw Jut: By tilting your head toward the ceiling and pushing the lower jaw as far forward as you can, hold this for 10 seconds at a time before releasing and you will see that your chin gets a workout.
– Neck Stretch: Tilt head back towards the ceiling again and push your tongue to the roof of your mouth and hold for up to 10 seconds at a time to get that deep stretch in your chin.

Diet & Exercise to Lose Neck Fat

Because a double chin is so closely linked with weight gain, losing some weight may help you get rid of this excess fat. If you have noticed that you have gained weight in the past several years, you may find that losing the weight could eliminate a double chin completely. The best way to do this is with a balanced diet. You will find that most of your eight loss comes from what you decide to or not to put inside your body. Eat a lean diet high in protein and include a high amount of vegetables for your greatest chance at success.

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