There is a whole world of plants around us that carry within them oils that can really benefit your life. While there are many oils that benefit you when you smell them, rub them on your body and even ingest them, it is important that you are careful when you are using them. Research shows that they can be helpful to you, but only when you use it the right way. Open Door Med Spa is here to share some safety tips when it comes to using essential oils so that you will get maximum benefits.

Where to Apply Essential Oils on the Body

It is important to remember when using essential oils, that you are supposed to use certain oils on certain areas of your body. While some oils are perfectly fine getting rubbed into your arms and legs, those same oils can be too strong to safely use them near your face or near your private parts.

Quality of Essential Oils Matters

When it comes to essential oils, not all of them are created equal. While many essential oil brands claim that they use only the finest ingredients in their oils, they add many fillers that make them far less effective. In fact, many people with sensitive skin issues often have allergic reactions to oils that have additives in them. Make sure you are purchasing essential oils that are high quality and pure.

Don’t Keep Essential Oils Too Long

Just like many different types of food have an expiration date, your essential oils do as well. When oils are first exposed to oxygen, they can become spoiled. They will not only lose their potency, but they can cause skin reactions when they have reached the end of their life and are still being used.

Not All Edible Oils Can Be Used for Skin

There are certain oils that are edible. These include citrus oils, cinnamon and even cumin, among others. While they can be ingested, you shouldn’t use them on your skin as they are extremely potent and can cause blisters. The same can be true for oils that are safe to use on the skin but shouldn’t be ingested. Ingesting oils that aren’t made to be eaten can cause serious health problems like seizures.

Dilute Certain Essential Oils

Many essential oils are much too strong when they aren’t diluted with other oils before putting them in contact with your skin. You should dilute them using other oils like coconut oil or vegetable oil. Make sure you know how much essential oils to use in conjunction with those that are being used to dilute them.

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