During a facial and chemical peel, few know there is a difference between the exfoliating gel applied. Chemical peels deliver a far deeper skin treatment where facials only remove the dead skin cells on the surface. The chemicals work their magic by removing the top layers of the skin where dead skin cells create dulling or fine lines. The solution will work below the first layer of skin and offers more effective and longer lasting skin care. Today, we at Open Door Med Spa would like to share the fundamentals of a chemical peel.

What is the Process of a Chemical Peel?

The medical expert applies a chemical solution to your skin that soaks in for a determined length of time. The chemical peels work under the first layer of the skin for several days, which causes the topmost layers of skin to peel off naturally. Providing you a fresh clean slate moving forward simply by cleaning away the uppermost layer of skin in a controlled manner, your new, fresh skin takes its place.

What are the Different Types of Chemical Peels?

You will want a consultation to find out which chemical peel is better to reach your individual goals. The basic types of chemical peels are listed below.
1) Superficial Peels: Superficial peels are the mildest treatment available. This can be applied to all skin types as it uses a chemical called glycolic acid. Superficial peels get left on the skin for a minimal length of time. All improved with this peel include mild sun damage, acne scars, pigment changes in the skin, and fine wrinkles.
2) Medium Peels: This uses a slightly stronger chemical agent that penetrates farther into the skin compared to a superficial peel. Treated with medium peels include precancerous lesions of the skin caused by that long-term sun damage more dramatic long-term sun damage, heavier pigment changes, and mild to moderate wrinkles. These peels are reserved for the facial area, usually.
3) Deep Peels: A chemical called phenol is used to penetrate to the skin’s deepest level. Treated with deep peels are pronounced pigment changes lesions/growths on the skin, long-term sun damage, and severe wrinkles. This chemical peel is limited to the face and shouldn’t be treated on bleached skin or darker skin tones.

Chemical Peel Advantages

Chemical peels may be utilized to treat the following skin conditions effectively:
– Treat acne
– Smooth skin on hands, face, and neck
– Skin tone improvement
– Scaled patches of skin is improved
– Reduce wrinkles & fine lines
– Mild scars are reduced or removed
– Lines caused by sun damage are lessened or eliminated
– Freshen skin
– Freckles numbers or appearance is reduced
– Fine line removal under the eyes and around the mouth
– Birth control pills causing dark spots or splotches decrease
Depending on your particular skin concerns or needs, though chemical peels may not treat severe wrinkles, creases or skin sagging, there are additional treatments that when combined, are effective.

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