We’re always looking for cheaper and more convenient ways to do things. And if you can do something yourself, why wouldn’t you? Well, it turns out that chemical peels are NOT something you want to try on your own!

Is a Chemical Peel Good for Skin?

Based on their name alone, chemical peels may sound foreign and scary, but they are totally safe when done professionally. They are acids that gently peel or exfoliate the top layers of your skin. When applying these chemical peels, acids such as alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), trichloroacetic acid (TCA), or phenol are used. This reveals the new skin underneath. The reasons people have chemical peels done include wanting to limit or get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, melasma and more.

Types of Chemical Peels

• Superficial Peels – use mild acids such as alpha-hydroxy acid to exfoliate and only reach the outermost layer of your skin.
• Medium Peels – use trichloroacetic or glycolic acid that reach both the middle and outer layer of skin and are better at removing damaged skin cells.
• Deep peels – use phenol or trichloroacetic acid to fully penetrate the middle layer of skin and remove damaged skin cells.

Is it Safe to Do a Chemical Peel at Home?

Because many people want a cheaper option for chemical peels, they turn to purchasing them online. A $15 chemical peel may sound appealing but while they are cheaper than one done professionally, you are missing out on the expertise required to perform the procedure safely if you buy them online. Some chemical peels you buy online do not include instructions. If they do, they can be difficult to understand, causing accidents. Another reason not to do your own chemical peel is the fact that you will not have a trained professional advising you based on your individual skin type. Everyone’s skin is different, and various chemicals will not affect everyone in the same way. Professionals will be able to treat your skin in the best way BEFORE the procedure to get the best results and avoid potential damage. They will also be able to look at the medications you take or have taken as well as your medical history in order to understand how you will react to different chemical peels. You can’t do that on your own! You can cause serious damage to your face by using at-home chemical peels. A safe amount of alpha hydroxy acid (like salicylic and glycolic acids) in a product is 10% or less. Any product with more than 30% should only be used by professionals as it would be considered an aggressive treatment. If 30% is considered unsafe, you’d be shocked to find out that you can purchase 100% trichloroacetic acid online. This is extremely dangerous as it can cause second- and third-degree burns when applied in high concentrations like this. It can also lead to permanent scarring. No thanks!

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