Micro needling is a highly sought after service that revives the skin. Actors and actresses will often get micro-needling to help remove blemishes, look younger and give the skin that healthy glow. However, the first time you get micro needling treatments, know that there is a recovery process and it’s important to be prepared for the recovery process, especially for those first timers. Open Door Med Spa will share what to expect after the first micro needling treatment and what the recovery process will be like.

Skin Redness After Micro Needling

After you get micro needling treatments, you can expect to have inflammation of the skin. At first, the skin will appear very red and over the course of a few hours, the redness will go away. The skin will turn pink and then go back to your original color. After the first treatment expect the skin to feel sensitive even after a few days. This is normal. During the first few days after micro-needling you will want to stay indoors and avoid long periods of sunlight until the skin heals. It is recommended to avoid sunlight for the next ten days after micro-needling treatments. When cleaning the face you will want to use a soothing cleaner coupled with cold water and pat the face dry. Since the skin in inflamed, often the need for anti-inflammatory medication is recommended, such as Ibuprofen. Only take anti-inflammatory drugs if there is discomfort. The swelling will go away on its own. Another tip to help recover quickly is to eat pineapple which is great for the skin and is a healing agent.

Do I Have to Stay at Home the Days After Micro Needling?

Avoid exercise or activity that can induce sweating for at least 24 hours. Since the pores are exposed, you don’t want sweat infecting the pores. About 3 to 5 days after micro-needling you can expect the skin to begin to flake or peel. Do not scratch or pick at the peeling skin. Instead apply moisturizers and keep the skin hydrated. It is normal for the skin to dry as micro-needling increases the turnover of skin cells. In most cases a moisturizer is given to you by the medical professional to help the recovery process. You may feel like you must stay hidden from the world for the next ten days or so, but you can wear makeup. However, ask your medical professional what type of makeup is safe and which ones to avoid. Once you are fully recovered from your micro-needling treatment you can enjoy healthier brighter skin. Future micro needling treatments can be done as desired. Micro-needling can be safely done about every 6 weeks. The recovery process does get easier with each treatment. The first time is harsher for some people.

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Micro needling treatments are used to treat a number of skin problems including scar removal, safely re-texturing the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and giving the skin a healthier look. If you want to see what micro needling treatments can do for you, contact Open Door Med Spa. We are a quality medical spa that provides many services, including micro needling treatments. To schedule an appointment, contact Open Door Med Spa today.