When it comes to summer, many people choose to wear less and spend times on beaches, pools, and other forms of water. As a result of the summer activities, many people want to get their bodies ready for summer. Today, we at Open Door Med Spa would like to discuss a few med spa treatments worth investing in in time for summer.

Body Sculpting

1) Tightening the Skin: You will notice that you are left with skin that is saggy and less that desirable when you lose a significant amount of weight more often than not. Because the treatment uses radio frequency energy to activate the thermal effects, you can expect these problem areas like the thighs, abdomen and arms to start to tighten and look firmer. With better collagen production and with skin tissues are tightened can be the result.
2) Cellulite Reduction: Most people do not appreciate the look of cellulite on their body. Exercise, weight loss and creams usually do nothing to little results in removing the cellulite. Since it gets rid of those fat cells and leaves you with tighter and toned skin, body sculpting can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
3) Reducing Fat: Many people are plagued with belly fat, which is some of the most stubborn fat. You simply aren’t successful in getting rid of it no matter what exercises you are doing or what dietary restrictions you have put on yourself. You can experience fat reduction that will help you get rid of that stubborn fat that you haven’t been able to shed no matter what you have done in the past with body sculpting.

Laser Hair Removal

From numerous areas, laser hair reduction can easily eliminate unwanted hair. to see permanent hair reduction and with it, silkier skin, may only take between 3-7 treatments unlike with shaving, tweezing, and waxing. Laser treatment technologically engineered to target only the hair, not your skin. Also, you can treat numerous hairs at the same time and take less time. Treatment areas for laser hair reduction:
– Chest
– Back
– Legs
– Arms
– Face
– And more


Our facial muscles begin to contract closer to the surface as our skin gradually loses volume through age. the more visible wrinkles and age lines will become, the more our facial muscles contract towards the surface of the skin. When injected into the targeted area, can reduce the amount of facial muscle activity, Botox contains small amounts of highly purified botulinum toxin. Wrinkles and age lines may progressively erase once muscle activity has slowed down.

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There are many treatments that can help with your specific needs. When you have skin imperfections, a med spa can be the easy solution for safe and non-intrusive treatments. Call Open Door Med Spa today for your consultation. We will help you find the treatments for your specifically needs and help you get ready for summer. From laser hair removal to body sculpting and other needs, we got you covered.