Smooth hairless skin has been sought after since the dawn of time, but for different reasons than you might think. Going hairless was an ingenious way to keep clean, and seashells, flint, beeswax, and other substances were used to remove the hair. The ancient Romans viewed hair removal as a status symbol of superiority and purity. The ancient Egyptians’ view on hair removal was, for more practical reasons, as a treatment for head lice. Fortunately, hair removal has come a long way since then, and today, hair removal practices are safer and more convenient. You may consider laser hair removal if you aim to achieve soft, subtle, smooth skin without using a razer.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a popular and highly effective cosmetic procedure your Open Door Med Spa certified technician performs regularly. A laser is used to zap the patient’s hair follicles, specifically targeting a pigment called melanin within the hair. The heat of the laser causes damage to the hair follicle and interrupts the growth of the hair. After several sessions, laser hair removal can slow and even permanently stop hair growth. Laser hair removal is safe and virtually painless. Your Open Door Med Spa technician will discuss the procedure before starting your treatment.

What are the Steps Before Laser Hair Removal?

Keep Skin Clean – Keep the area clean to allow the laser to penetrate the hair follicle directly. Avoid using lotions and other body care products. Impurities and dirt on the skin’s surface can cause less-than-desirable results and diminish the effectiveness of your laser treatment. Shave or Wax Before Laser Hair Removal? – Shaving the area one or two days before your laser hair removal removes hair on the skin’s surface, decreasing the risk of laser burns. Never wax or pluck hair for up to six weeks before your treatment. Doing so will pull the hair out at the root, negating the laser removal process. The laser will not be able to reach the hair pigment if the hair has been removed.
Avoid Sun – Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds several weeks before your laser treatment. Tanned skin can confuse the laser into mistakenly targeting the melanin within the skin instead of the melanin in the hair.
Discuss Medications – Discuss medications with your doctor before scheduling your laser treatments. Medicines, including blood thinners, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and acne products, especially those with retinol, can cause sensitivity and increase the risk of side effects.
Choose Cleaners Carefully – Avoid skincare and body products containing retinol, benzoyl peroxide, AHA, and BHA exfoliating creams. Use cleansers recommended for sensitive skin and unscented moisturizers to decrease the risk of irritation, redness, and discoloration after the laser treatment.
Avoid Alcohol – Also, avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours before your laser appointment and drinking coffee the morning of your appointment. Alcohol and caffeine dehydrate the skin making your procedure uncomfortable and even painful.
Dermal Fillers & Botox – If you use dermal fillers or Botox, the experts at Open Door Med Spa recommend waiting two weeks before scheduling your laser hair removal procedure to allow the product time to settle into the skin. Rushing your laser treatment can cause redness and swelling in the areas treated with fillers.

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Following these simple guidelines will help ensure that your laser hair removal procedure is virtually pain-free and effective by providing long-lasting and, in some instances, permanent hair removal results. To learn more about professional laser removal and to schedule an appointment, contact the Open Door Med Spa experts today.