It seems like every time you turn around, there is someone talking about how concerned we should be about getting sick this winter with COVID-19 and the common flu coming together to create an especially dangerous combination. There are people that are panicking and trying to figure out the best way to boost your immune system against these viruses. While mask wearing and social distancing may be beneficial in protecting you against COVID-19, many people don’t realize that taking extra care in the health of your body and immune system may be an even better solution. Open Door Med Spa is here to share some of the ways that vitamin B12 booster shots may help your immune system be stronger this winter.

How Vitamin B12 Affects Your Immune System

Vitamin B12 supports our body systems in many different ways. This vitamin effects the red blood cell development and normal DNA maintenance that is necessary to keeping your body healthy. Additionally, B12 plays a role in boosting your metabolism so that it can turn food into energy more effectively. When you take into account all of these different aspects of B12 health, you will find that this vitamin does definitely play a significant role in a health immune system. When you are B12 deficient, there are many signs that you may be experiencing.

Signs of B12 Deficiency

The symptoms that someone may experience when they are B12 deficient will vary from person to person. Some people that struggle with certain digestive issues may have a hard time absorbing B12 from a balanced, healthy diet. Other people that commonly struggle with this deficiency are vegetarians and vegans that aren’t taking the right supplements in conjunction with their diet. There is a wide range of symptoms that a person can experience including:
– Weakness
– Pernicious Anemia
– Depression
– Fatigue
– Chronic Urticaria
– Autoimmune Thyroiditis
– & More

Vitamin B12 Foods

There are many foods that contain vitamin B12 and can be added to a healthy diet to help give you the vitamins that you need. Certain foods including shellfish, meat, diary, eggs and fortified grains can be a great way to incorporate it into your diet. Many people don’t get the vitamin B12 that their bodies need from food alone though. This is where B12 boosters can come into play. With a B12 booster shot, the vitamin is injected into your bloodstream and your body has an easier time absorbing it to give you the maximum power this vitamin offers.

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If you are looking for ways to get the B12 that you need to have a healthy immune system, you can count on the professionals at Open Door Med Spa and the Vitamin B12 boosters that we offer to do just that. Let us help this be your healthiest winter yet. Call us today!