Skin classic is a state of the art laser alternative treatment system that has won a number of awards for its innovative design and effectiveness. Skin classic can be used to treat and correct a number of skin conditions including broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, keratosis, hyper pigmentation, skin tags, acne and much more.

High Frequency System for Broken Capillaries

Broken capillaries (telangiectasis) are best described as small dilated blood vessels that appear near the surface of the skin. Although they can form anywhere upon the body they are most often found on the cheeks, nose, chin and chest area. They are often caused by exposure to the sun but they can also form after medical procedures such as radiation therapy. The skin classic uses a high frequency system to breakdown these tiny capillaries in as little as one to two treatments.

Get Rid of Cherry Angiomas

Cherry angiomas are best described as a group of capillaries on the surface of skin that forms into a small round dome like blemish. Color can range from a bright blood red to a deep purple. Over time, they can increase in size and become raised. Causes include pregnancy, genetics, exposure to the sun, and aging. The Skin Classic system uses a tiny probe on a very low setting to evaporate the blood inside the angiomas until it can no longer be seen.

Skin Classic Treatment for Brown Spots

Brown spots (lentigo) are best described as small brownish spots of skin with a clear edge. Benign in nature they form of the layer above the deepest membrane of the skin. Causes include sun exposure and can typically appear on the face, tops of hands, arms, and chest. Colors can range from yellowish tan to dark brown. Brown spots are easily treated with the Skin Classic using high frequency thermal vaporization that does not damage the surrounding area and is much more effective than the more traditional topical skin cream approach.

Skin Tag Remover

Skin tags are small benign tumors that most often form in skin creases including the neck, groin, and armpits. They can also appear on the eyelids. Although they are harmless they can be irritated by clothing and jewelry. The most common cause of skin tags is genetics, weight gain, and diabetes. The Skin Classic uses a gentle motion to tap the skin and dehydrate the tag causing it to drop off within a few days of treatment.

Cystic Acne Treatment

Cystic acne (Acne Vulgaris) is one of the most common forms of acne and appears as a cluster of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, papules, and cysts that often result in scarring. While acne is most often found on the face, it can also appear on other parts of the body including the back and chest. Cystic acne is often painful and can be inflammatory. It is commonly found in teenagers and young adults but it can affect all ages. Acne is caused by blockages in the hair follicles and a fluctuation in hormones. The Skin classic system can eliminate cystic acne and provide relief to those who suffer with this condition.

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