The body needs to be taken care of both inside and out, and many people recognize that fact. With the assistance of modern science, quite a few people have found ways to get the results they want to reach their ultimate goal is to preserve a youthful, healthy glow for their skin. Treatments, procedures, deep exfoliation, and qualified moisturizing, you can attain your goals within reasonable expectations with hundred of options. We at Open Door Med Spa would like to elaborate on the benefits of investing in monthly scheduled facials by our professionals at this time.

Benefits of Facial Treatments

1) Toning. The skin’s overall pigment is toned and evened.
2) Relaxing. Facials are a proven method to help the body and mind relax, where they heal the soul and skin. With the use of premium professional grade products, massaging with the right touch, as well as proper technique, you can experience the healing powers of relaxation while getting perfectly balanced skin.
3) Circulation. Facials promote blood circulation under your skin that enhances the renewal of skin cells and increases the health of your skin, promoting blood circulation.
4) Detoxification. Facials decrease waste under the skin that promote puffiness, ruddiness, and fluid accumulation by manipulating the lymphatic system that lingers beneath the skin.
5) Smoother skin. Facials help reduce and smooth out fine lines which helps decrease signs of aging such as saggy skin, wrinkles and fine lines by increasing collagen production.
6) Complexion. You can reduce the look of aging skin with sunscreen use and facials. To increase the complexion and deliver exceptional skin, facials contribute to a healthier balance to the skin.
7) Slowing down aging. As facials increase the skin’s overall health, the aging process is naturally slowed. Healthier and smoother skin shines as the skin looks more radiant. Fine lines and age spots recover with routine facials. In fact, aging affects can be reversed by the exfoliating, massaging, hydrating, and penetrating the skins with nutrients and antioxidants.
8) Pores are cleaned. The pores experience a deeper clean during a facial. Pores that are neglected build up oil, dirt, and debris and break out in blemishes. Maintaining clear skin can minimize acne flare-ups, as the pore’s size is reduced. Widened pores that are stretched, accumulate excessive oil and debris.
9) Exfoliating. Professional facials that include a deeper level of exfoliation improve skin’s ability to retain hydration and even out skin tone and unclogging pores.
10) Skincare. Professionals are expertly trained to use products that are only available to licensed professionals and apply their skills and expertise to ensure quality results. The skin care they provide is well worth the investment and can offer a plethora of benefits.

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