Exposing the facial skin to light energy may sound odd at first, but unlike sun exposure, intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is a controlled procedure that stimulates tissue regeneration. This is different from laser resurfacing. An IPL treatment targets the dermal layer of the skin, as well as the supportive tissues that lie beneath. The light energy doesn’t cauterize the skin, nor does it cause sunburn. Instead, it targets dark-pigmented cells such as those that make up blemishes. A series of IPL therapy sessions can result in smoother, less wrinkled skin that shows fewer blemishes.

What Does the Light Energy Do?

The device used emits pixelated beams of light. These light shafts are made up of a combination of frequencies. When properly calibrated, the instrument produces a mix of wavelengths that pass through the epidermis without heating it up. Instead, the energy is absorbed by chromophores. These are cells that contain pigment. The darker the tissue, the more readily it will absorb the energy and change it to heat energy.

This shrinks capillaries and reduces the amount of hyperpigmentation blemishes. The dermal layer is denser than the epidermis, so the energy absorbed will slightly damage the darkened tissues that make up blemishes and acne scars. In the end, this fades the blemishes.

How It’s Performed

We want to consult with the client beforehand so that we can design a customized treatment schedule. The current tone of the skin, the location and depth of any hyperpigmentation, and the amount of wrinkling in the treatable areas will all be taken into consideration. We will determine the strength of the light pulses, as well as the necessary frequency mix.

During the actual IPL therapy treatment session, the device is placed on the skin surface, and the lamp is flashed for a brief period. After multiple pulses, we move the instrument to the next area of concern.

In the months following the treatments, the client notices visual improvement in skin tone and texture. The skin surface look and feels supple and taut. If the problem is melasma, rosacea, or deep injury scarring, improvement in the appearance of these conditions gradually becomes noticeable.

A Simple Fix for Skin Problems

As you can see, IPL therapy can treat a multitude of problems. Whether you are interested in addressing acne scars, age spots, or wrinkles, IPL therapy at Open Door Med Spa could be perfect for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in Mansfield, TX and learn more. We look forward to speaking with you!