Do you want to spend a day at the spa or are you looking to get some work done on your face, skin and or body? When you want to go to the spa to pamper yourself and you look up spas, you may discover that there are day spas and then there are med spas. When you are looking for a specific service you will need to go to the right type of spa. Open Door Med Spa will break down the major differences between med spas and day spas and see if you can find which one you may be actually looking for.

What is a Day Spa

A day spa and a med spa may share some of the same services. However, the goal of the two spas often differ. A day spa will focus more on relaxation, detox, and sometimes fitness. When a person is looking for ways to unwind and feel better, they will want a day spa. Day spas offer sauna rooms, massages, tai chi program, waxing, nails, hair and other pampering services. A day spa looks to promote well-being and operate without an MD staff. Therefore a day spa can only offer non-medical grade treatments. A day spa operates with licensed therapists and other similar practitioners.

What is a Medical Spa

A med spa or medical spa is run with the aid of physicians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other similar practitioners. At a med spa you will find a number of venues such as medical and cosmetic technology. Med spas often involve other services shared by day spas such as massage therapy, which is an essential part of medicine. Med spa also provides hormones, IV vitamin therapy, booster shots and quality skin care products. The services performed at a med spa can greatly vary but when you are look for ways to have better skin, reduce wrinkles, body services and laser hair removal, you will only find these services at a med spa.

Difference Between a Day & Med Spa

So which type of spa are you looking for? When you want some basic skin care or pampering you will want to seek out a day spa. If you need improving your body, skin, hair, and health, you need the specialty of a medical professional. Med spas don’t just want to make you feel good for the rest of your day, but for the rest of your life. They want to help you overcome problems and improve your beauty and health. At a med spa you will find a ton of different services that look to get rid of flaws such as scaring, acne, wrinkles and more. Knowing the difference between a day spa and a med spa will find you in the right place and the services you are looking for.

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