Hair removal is becoming more and more desired for both men and women. There are some areas of the body that hair isn’t needed. Many women can save time and money when having their legs and underarm hair removed. Swimmers often get tired of waxing their body. Regardless as to the reason why so many people want their hair removed, often there are still a lot of questions about how laser hair removal works. Is it safe and is the hair really gone forever? Open Door Med Spa would like to take the time and answer some of the frequently asked questions about laser hair removal.

What is the Process of Laser Hair Removal?

Many people assume that laser hair removal is rather complicated and requires a number of steps. Laser hair removal is rather simple but can take time. Depending on the size of site of the treatment, it can take 30 minutes or longer. Additionally, laser hair removal treatment uses energy from the laser to kill the root of the hair follicle. This often takes multiple treatment. On average to completely kill the root, it can take between 8 and 10 treatments which means when you choose to start laser hair removal you will want to see it through to the end. For our clients that receive laser hair removal all they need to do is come and relax, as we do all the work.

Can You Wax or Shave Before Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

Yes, women and men can shave the area they want treated before the procedure. Shaving is recommended. This way the laser can target the root without the hair interfering. However, do not wax, tweeze or bleach the hair you want removed since these methods remove the root which can’t be lasered during treatment. Essentially you need the root intact so the laser can do its job properly.

Are Laser Hair Removal Treatments Painful?

This is a rather common question about laser hair removal. Laser hair treatments can have a mild sensation during the procedures. A topical is applied on the skin before the procedure begins which helps numb the site that is being treated. None of our clients have never reported any pain during the procedure. At most there was a warm pinching sensation on occasion. Laser hair removal doesn’t cause severe pain and is relatively painless.

What Medications Affect Laser Hair Removal?

This question isn’t asked much but it’s one that really should. There are some medications that can cause some reactions. Some medications that have a photosensitive affect shouldn’t be used during laser hair removal sessions. These medications shouldn’t be taken for at least a week before the scheduled procedure. However, never stop taking any medication without consulting your doctor first as heath comes first. Many photosensitive medications are antibiotics and are not long term. It is best to wait for the procedure in these cases. Make sure to bring a list of medications you are currently taking and consult with the laser hair specialist before you commit or begin any treatment sessions.

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Hopefully we answered your questions. The next question is laser hair removal right for you? If you want to begin laser hair removal, schedule an appointment and come visit Open Door Med Spa today.