As we all start to show signs of aging, you may start to notice some sagging in areas that you don’t want it. This happens as you start to lose subcutaneous fat under your skin that leaves you with far less volume than you had when you were younger. As disappointing as this is, there are ways that you can get that youthful look back. Dermal fillers are extremely popular in solving these problem areas. Open Door Med Spa is here to talk about dermal fillers so that you can decide whether or not they are going to work for you.

Which Types of Dermal Filler is Approved by the FDA?

Many people are finding that they can solve their loss of volume and wrinkle problem with dermal fillers. This is a non-surgical approach to looking much younger. Dermal fillers have a consistency of gel, and there are four of them that have been approved by the FDA.
– Hyaluronic Acid: This dermal filler consists of the same acid that our skin naturally makes. It usually lasts between 6-12 months before it needs to be done again.
– Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA): This substance is naturally found in our bones. This filler is used mostly to target deep wrinkles and will last longer. This treatment usually lasts 18 months before it needs to be done again.
– Poly-L-lactic Acid: This synthetic material is both biodegradable and biocompatible. It stimulates your natural collagen so that the collagen is rebuilt. This can help smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles that you have. It will last up to 2 years.
– Polymethylmethacrylate Beads: This is another synthetic and biocompatible substance that is shaped like a tiny ball. The results are permanent as your body can’t absorb it.

What are the Possible Complications of Dermal Fillers?

It doesn’t matter if you are opting for a permanent or temporary dermal filler, you don’t have to worry much about side effects. The risk of any major problems is very slim. In fact, this is one of the reasons so many people turn to dermal fillers. There have been some patients that have reported redness, itching or numbness in the area that they were treated. Other people reported that they had small red bumps where they received treatment. Overall, the problems that have been reported have been extremely mild. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should avoid dermal fillers.

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One of the biggest reasons that people are turning to dermal fillers to look younger is that this is non-invasive, and the treatment yields fantastic results. At Open Door Med Spa, we provide our patients with a number of different dermal fillers to choose from including Kybella, Juvederm, and Revanesse Versa. If you’re looking for ways to look younger without undergoing surgery to get the results you’re after, we can help. Call us today!