Discoloration, fine lines, and scars all at once are eliminated with a chemical peel. Your skin will look noticeably younger, smoother, and brighter after one or more treatments. The type of peel used, the depth to which it is applied, and the care with which the skin is handled afterward will affect the success of the chemical peel. Just as important as the chemical peel treatment itself is the chemical peel aftercare. Chemical peels are among the most effective treatments available when it comes to fixing fine wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation, and other skin issues. It is essential to take good care of your face while it is recovering for the best results from the chemical peel. Below are some things you should and should not do to care for your skin afterward if you’ve recently had a chemical peel that we at Open Door Med Spa would like to share today.

What is the Fastest Way to Recover from a Chemical Peel?

1) Skin Protection from the Sun’s Rays. Avoid sun exposure at all costs and liberally use sunscreen. Your face is at its most delicate since it has had layers of skin stripped away after a peel. Also, the newly exposed skin will be susceptible to the sun after a peel. Caring for it is more crucial than ever for this reason. To protect your skin from the sun when you can’t stay in the shade, sunscreen with an SPF rating of 30 or higher is necessary.
2) Use Cool Water to Wash Your Face. Your skin may be sensitive, and bathing in hot water may feel unpleasant or even cause irritation after getting a chemical peel. Relaxing solution for your recovering skin is cool water for a face wash is a mild. Just make sure remember to pat rather than rub your skin dry afterward.
3) Soap-Free Cleansers. If you haven’t already, now is the time to swap to a soap-free cleanser. It’s best to stick with soap-free facial washes to keep it from drying out further. Because the peel will do that for you after a chemical peel, stripping the skin with soap is unnecessary.
4) Frequently Use Moisturizes. Keep dry skin hydrated by restoring the moisture with moisturizers. Your moisturizer shouldn’t contain harsh chemicals or irritants like acids or acne treatments if you have sensitive skin. They need to be water-based since lotions that include a lot of water feel very light when applied to the skin. Because softer skin won’t flake off as rapidly, but that’s not necessarily bad, remember that moisturizing will make the peeling last longer.
5) Experts Advice and Recommendations. The experts will give you advice on what to do following a peel. According to chemical peel you’ve undergone, they will be able to equip you with aftercare recommendations that are specific to your skin type.
They may even give you a specialized gel or moisturizer to speed up recovery in some cases.
What Not to Do After Your Chemical Peel
– Hold Off on Exfoliation
– Avoid Sweat Inducing Activities
– Avoid Skincare Products Containing Retinol
– Keep Contact to Your Skin to a Minimum
– Don’t Use Other Cosmetic Treatments

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