If you knew that there was a way to get muscle tone, reduce fat, and contour your body, all without undergoing surgery, would you believe it? The good news is that this is a reality that you definitely enjoy. With EmSculpt treatments, you can get the results that you’re looking for in 30-minute treatment sessions. You will be able to get the fat reduction you have been looking for with this cutting-edge technology. Open Door Med Spa is here to talk about HIFEM technology and how it has transformed body contouring.

What is HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic)?

For those of you who have heard of HIFEM technology but aren’t completely sure what it is, this stands for high intensity focused electromagnetic technology. If you have areas of your body that won’t tone no matter how much you work them out, this electromagnetic stimulation can be the answer to your struggle. It may sound like it could be painful, but it is harmless, yet powerful as the electrical currents move and target your muscles. Because this is done so quickly, the muscle contract and will later feel as if you have worked them out. This will begin to build muscle and burn fat.

What Parts of the Body Does EmSculpt Work on Using HIFEM Technology?

There are several areas of your body that can benefit from HIFEM technology. All of those hard areas that seem to be stubborn as you try to reach your goals. Not only are large muscle groups targeted, but it has been proven to help strengthen your pelvic floor as well. This can help with incontinence issues in both men and women. Here are some of the other areas that can benefit from these treatments.
– Buttocks
– Abs
– Triceps
– Biceps
– Thighs
– Calves

Science & Studies Show HIFEM Technology Works

Sometimes, it seems like HIFEM technology might be too good to be true. However, there have been studies after studies that have shown that you can get real results when you turn to this form of treatment for those stubborn areas. There have been MRI studies that show increased muscle mass in the areas that have been treated. Also, you can look to pictures of patients that have allowed their journey to be documented to show the results they are getting with these treatments. The studies that have been carried out have all proven that HIFEM technology treatments have been successful in helping increase muscle mass and reduce fat cells.

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If you have stubborn areas on your body that you are tired of fighting, you can turn to Open Door Med Spa for help. We offer EmSculpt body contouring treatments that can give you the help you need to tone those difficult areas. We will help you build muscle and shrink fat cells in areas that you can’t get to with diet and exercise. Call us today!