We live in a time where many people are looking down for quite a bit of time a day with smartphones and tablets being commonplace. Many people are developing horizontal neck lines due to the constant looking down. These horizontal neck lines that most of us could live without is what we at Open Door Med Spa would like to discuss today.

Why Do I have Lines on My Neck?

The same conditions that cause other types of wrinkles, in general causes horizontal neck lines.
Even among avid skin care consumers that diligently treat their skin many of us are guilty of overlooking the neck when it comes to proper skincare. The most common causes to horizontal neck lines are listed below.
1) Sun Exposure Damage. Wherever sunscreen is applied, the UV rays are blocked. From failing to slather sunscreen on the neck results in a breakdown of the collagen and elastin is where the formation of horizontal lines, wrinkles and sagging skin stems from.
2) Genetics of Aging. If you come from a line of people who wrinkle early or easily, you may be prone to developing horizontal neck lines at an early age.
3) Skin that is Dehydrated. Wrinkles are simply produced by dehydrated skin. If you’re not prioritizing neck moisturization the way you do your face, horizontal neck lines may set in earlier and be more pronounced.
4) Thinned Skin. Because the skin is thinner in the neck area, neck skin doesn’t have the healing capacity of the skin on other parts of the body.
5) Repetitive Action. Just as repeated facial expressions cause wrinkles on the face, repetitive motions of the neck can also cause horizontal neck lines. Your phone becomes part of the problem with this.

How Do I Get Rid of Horizontal Lines on My Neck?

The best approach to avoiding horizontal neck lines is prevention. Apply sunscreen to your exposed skin, including neck, and include your neck in your facial skin care regiment do so by improving your posture.
Mild Neck Lines. Serums and other products containing retinoids, antioxidants, and skin-firming ingredients are the best before the lines set in to help combat sun damage, boost collagen, and firm up the skin on your neck. You can help stimulate the production of collagen and improves skin tone, texture, elasticity and firmness, microneedling treatments can be implemented as well. when treating the neck, microneedling can help eliminate the appearance of horizontal neck bands.
Severe Neck Lines. When it comes to the deeper horizontal neck lines, hyaluronic acid fillers do a remarkable job of minimizing their appearance. While there are a number of different dermal fillers to choose from, an experienced practitioner will opt for the softer, more supple fillers to avoid plumping the area too much. To fill in lip lines and wrinkles, for instance, Open Door Med Spa uses Juvéderm. ® When used to treat horizontal neck lines, it provides natural-looking results that last up to a year this It works subtly and beautifully. Depending on each individual’s needs, there are other Juvéderm products that may be more appropriate. Although the actual injection involved with dermal fillers is a simple procedure, it does require the skill, precision, and artistic eye of an experienced injector who understands how to fine-tune the procedure to create the most beautiful results.

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